Will of Wessel Van Schaick - 1782

In the name of God, Amen. I, Wessel Van Schaick, of the City of Albany, merchant, being sick and weak in body.

All my just debts, if any, and funeral expenses to be paid by my executors. I leave to my beloved wife Mary, the use of my whole estate, while my widow; if necessary any parts to be disposed of for the maintenance of herself and her family. At her death or remarriage, all my real and personal estate unto my sons, John G. Van Schaick and Gerrit W. Van Schaick, and to my daughters, Mary Van Schaick, and Catherine, wife of Peter Gansevoort, Esquire.

Whereas my son, John G., is indebted to me by bond with condition for 989, 5 pence, 3 farthings, payable without interest after the decease of my wife; and my son-in-law, Peter Gansevoort, by two several bonds, of 90, 7 pence and 157, 1 shilling, 6 pence, without interest; these sums are to be considered part of my personal estate and be divided as above. Any child remaining unmarried, and by her consent living with my wife during her widowhood, and supported by her, shall make no compensation to the rest of my children. I make my wife Mary, and my daughter Mary, my sons, John G. and Gerrit W. Van Schaick, and Peter Gansevoort, executors.

Witnesses, Jacob Van Schaick; Abraham Eights, of Albany, sail-maker; Robert Yates, Esquire; one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. Proved, October 2, 1783.


Will dated December 16, 1782. Proved in October 2, 1783. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 36, pp.159-60.

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