Will of Hendrick Oothout - 1738

In the name of God, Amen, October 11, 1738. I, Hendrick Oothout, of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck, considering the frailty of my body.

I leave to my eldest son, Volkert, 10 for his right of primogeniture; this is to be taken from his bond for 100 due to me. And as for my son Jan, he likewise hath already had his full share of my estate. I leave to my son Jonas "all that my farm land or Bowery commonly called Turkye, where I now dwell," on the west side of Hudson river; Together with Greenen island, and 3 other islands in Hudson river, and all the woodland or upper messuage and tract, as the same is granted unto me by Colonel Peter Schuyler, as by transport may appear; Also 1 waggon, 1 pleasure sled, 1 wood sled, etc. And my son Jonas is to pay to my daughters Dorothy, wife of Corneluis Bougard, Hendrike, wife of Isaac Bougard, Margarettie, wife of Dominie Jan Van Driese, Anattie, wife of Peter Wouters Quackinbos, each 1/5 of the value of the farm as appraised. But my son Jonas is to have 160 over and above his 1/5.

I give to my daughter Dorothy, wife of Cornelius Bougard, my little pastureland lying near to the city of Albany, to the south, bounded by the pasture land of Anothony Korseler, and the land of Garett Lansing. I leave to my daughter Margaret, wife of Dominie Jan Van Driesen, of my lot of ground in Albany, near the City Hall or Court House, which I had of Poulis Martense Van Benthuysen, being the south bounded south by Frederick Visger, west and east by common street. I leave to my grandson, Hendrick Oothout, son of my son Jan, 10 out of the 100 due to me from my son Volkert.

All the rest of my estate I leave to my son Jonas, and my daughter.

I make my son Jonas, and my son-in-law, Cornelius Bougard, executors.

Witnesses, Petrus Vander Bergh, Cornelys Oudenkerk, Rutger Bleecker.


Will dated October 11, 1738. Proved in April 26, 1740. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 27, pp. 291-292. Original spellings and punctuations retained.

At that time, a number of "Pieter Schuylers" are at risk to have been this individual.

Transformed from an online printing by JP

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