Will of Jacob Staats - 1734

In the name of God, Amen. I, Jacob Staats, of the city of Albany, Chirurgeon, being very sick. I leave to my wife Isabella, my house and lot where we do now live, together with the lot near the creek, during her life or widowhood, and then to my daughter Deborah; and she is to pay my grandson, Jacobus Van Schaick, £25.

I leave to my 2 daughters, Deborah, wife of Henderick Roseboom, and Catharine, widow of Goesen Van Schaick, all that certain meadow or pasture, in the city of Albany, near the Old Fort, joining to the road that leads from the city to the said Old Fort. Also another pastures near the same and adjoining the pasture of Warner Van Juren and Bastain Hermense. My wife is to have one wagonload of hay yearly from said meadow. The north end of the first pasture shall be set with a good fence from east to west bounds, so far as to include the graves which now are. Which part being fenced shall forever remain for a Burying place for such persons for whom my daughters and their heirs shall give liberty. I leave to my said daughters all my right to the estate of my father, Major Abraham Staats, viz, Lot No. 6, and whatsoever shall fall to me by division.

To my wife and daughters all personal property, and to my grandson Jacobus Van Schaick, all apparel. And whereas I made a contract with my wife before marriage, dated January 3, 1710/11, the same is to be kept.


Will printed in Abstract of Wills volume 27, p. 177-78. Paragraphing supplied.

Transformed by JP

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