Will of Jacob Janse Schermerhorn - 1688

The one and Twentieth day of may, 1688, in the fourth year of ye Reign of our most Gracious Sovieraign Lord, James the Second, by ye grace of god of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, King: I, Jacob Janse Schermerhoorn of ye Towne of Schinnechttady in ye County of Albany, yoeman, although Some what weake and sickly in body, yett of good, Perfect, Sound Memory, Praised be Almighty god therefor, do make and ordain this my Present Will and Testament, Containing therin my Last Will in manner and form following; yt is to say: first I commend my Self and al my whole estate to the Mercy and Protection of Almighty god, being fully Persuaded by his holy spirit through the Death and Passion of Jesus Christ, to obtain full Pardon and Remission of al my Sinns and to Inheritt Everlasting Life to which the holy Trinity, one Eternall Deity be al honour and glory, forever, amen, and touching Temporall Estate of goods, Chattells and Debts as the Lord hath been Pleased farr above my Deserts to bestow upon me, I doe order, give, Bequeath and Depose the Same in manner and form following.:

Imp. - I give, grant, Devise and bequeath to Ryer Schermerhoorn, my Eldest Sonne, before any Division or Partition be made of my Estate, my lotte of grounde lying at the River Side at Albany, where Cleyn de goyer Lived, which formerly belong to Cornelis Segerse, as itt Lyes Inclosed within fence, - To have and to hold the said Lotte of grounde to ye said Ryer Schermerhoorn, his heirs and assigns, forever.

2d. My will is that my well beloved wife, Jannetje Schermerhoorn shall Possess and Enjoy during her widowhood, all ye Rents and Profitts of all my Reall Estate, virt: of my farm at Schotak, the Pasture over against Marte Garitsen's Eylant, my two houses and Lotts in ye City of albany, the one over against Isaak Sybanks (?) and the other where my Sonne Symon Schermerhoorn lives next to Johannes D. Wandelaer, my house and Lott at Shinnechtady where I now Dwell.

3d. I do Likewise give and bequeath to my said Wife all my other Estate in this County, moveables and Immovables, goods and Chattells, Plate, Jewels, wares, Merchandise, &c. and Debts to me owing and Ready money, nothing whatever exempted and this all during her widowhood, and that neither my Eldest Sonne or any of the rest of my children shall Disturb my wife after my Decease so long as She Continues widow, leaving it wholly to her to give such Portion or Portions to my four children yett under age, virt. Cornelis, Jannetie, Neeltie, and Lucas Schermerhorn, as the other Children have had when they married, and as She in Conschience Shall See Convenient. But if it should happen that my Said Wife should Remarry, then my will is that she give a full and Perfect Inventory of ye whole Estate, Reall and Personall, the Just half or moyety whereof, I do give, grant, Devise and Bequeath unto my Dear and well beloved wife, Jannetje Schermerhoorn, and the other half or moyety to my nine Children, Virt., Ryer, Symon, helena, the wife of Myndt. harmense, Jacob and Machtoll, ye wife of Johannes Beekman, Cornelis, Jannetie, neeltje and Luykas Schermerhoorn, to be Equally divided among them, Part & Part alike, or among their heirs upon their Decease and yt. the Law or Custome of Joynt Tennancy shall herein cease and each child whether they Survive or not may dispose of their Proportion and Share of ye Reall Estate as well as Personall. But if my said foure Children, Cornelis, Jannetje, Neeltje and Lucas be not come to age or married before my sd. wife happens to Remarry or Decease, my will is that they shall have the Same Portion Severally as the oy'r Children had when they married before any Division be made and then share alike with their Brethren and Sisters. And if my said wife shall Decease without remarrying, my will is that the whole Estate, Real and Personall be equally Divided among my Said nine Children for the behoof of them, their heirs and assigns, severally, forever, all Part and Part alike, and if any of my Sonnes or Daughters do Decease before ye age of one and Twenty years and before their marriage that then in Such Case, the Portion of every of them so Deceasing shall Remain and be to ye Survivours and Survivour of them. My will is yt. all my Cloaths, Linning and Wooling and other apparell belonging to me shall be Divided Equally among my Sonnes and all the wearing apparell and Stricken (trinkets) or Pendants Belonging to my wife shall be Equally Divided amongst my Daughters.

6th. Further it is my will that the hollands money that is in Amsterdam under ye hands of Mr. Sykirk (?) shall remain untouched during my wife's widowhood and natural Life and that she shall Receive ye Rents thereof as hitherto I have done.

7th. And whereas my Sonne in Law Myndt. harmense has a Thousand gilders of said hollands money upon Intrest, my will is yt. he pay Interest for ye same to my wife and if he pays the Principall then he is to share alike with the oyr Children in ye Estate, else it is to be Deducted of his Proportion of ye money that is in holland under Mr. Sykirk (?).

8th. I do freely remitt and Discharge my Sonne Jacob Schermerhoorn that Livs upon my farm at Schotak of ye Rent which he is owing for ye same and which will be due to ye Day of my Decease, not willing that my Executrx. or Admx. shall any wise molest him, the said Jacob Schermerhoorn, Junr. or his heirs for ye same, but is nevertheless obliged to give an True and just acct. of ye half of Increase of ye horses and Cattle.

9th. And Lastly I make, constitute, ordain and appoint my Dear and well beloved wife sole Executrix of this my last will and Testament and to her Care and Tuition also I leave all my Children that are undr. age and I will that my Said wife do maintain them and ye Education of my Said children during there minority and I do hereby nominate and appoint my said wife Tutrix to them and every of them until such time as they shall severally Come to age, and wille and appoint that my said wife to be administratrix and have ye administration of my goods and Chattells and that my Sonnes Ryer and Symon be assistants to their Moyr. in the administration of the Estate and in looking after the Education of there Bretheren and Sisters yt. are under age. In witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seale In Albany at the house of Mynd. harmense, ye Day and year first above written.


Signed, Sealed & Delivered
in the presence of
Gideon Schaets.
past. Jacob Staets.

[ NOTE - The wording, spelling and capitalization of the foregoing document are copied exactly as they appear, but proper punctuation is inserted for facility in reading. ]


Will recorded in Albany County Clerk's Office. Book I, Page 26, Wills. Transformed from an online transcription by SB.

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