Myndert Harmense Vandenbogert


According to traditional sources, Myndert Harmense Vandenbogert (aka Vandenbogert) was born in May 1643. He was the son of legendary New Netherland pioneer Harmen Myndertse Vandenbogert. His mother is said to have been one "Gillisje Claesz" (aka Switts/Shou). This son of New Netherland has been known by a number of variably spelled names.

By the mid 1680s, he had married the somewhat younger Helena Schermerhorn. By 1692, the marriage produced at least six children. He was a member of the Albany Dutch church and a regular baptism sponsor. In 1683, he made a substantial pledge in a community-based initiative to support a second minister in Albany.

In May 1688, he was noted in the will filed by his father-in-law.

For more than a decade Myndert Harmense was an Albany mainstay. In 1679, he was counted among the Albany householders and his holdings were assessed substantially. In 1685, he purchased a piece of pastureland north of the Vosenkill from Dr. Cornelis Van Dyck. In 1689, his property in the first ward was valued on an assessment for defense of the city.

During the 1680s, he was known in Albany and beyond as a "gunstock maker" and as a trader. In August 1687, he was listed among the Albany assessors. In June 1692, he was identified as a juror serving before the Albany Mayor's Court. At that time, his residence is said to have been located on the south side of State Street, above Pearl.

In 1684-1686, he was a partner in a patent for a substantial plot of land around the site of today's Poughkeepsie. He later built a sawmill there. As late as 1691, he granted a mortgage on a part of his Dutchess County holdings. At that time he was identified as "Myndert Harmense Vandenbogert, of Albany, gunstocker." No longer apparent in the Albany city records, he probably relocated to Poughkeepsie where he is said to have died between 1710 and 1712.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Myndert Harmense Vandenbogert is CAP biography number 6060. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Harmen Myndertse the elder: This individual's life (1612-48) predated the establishment of Beverwyck/Albany. At this time, we do not plan to present a biographical profile of him. For openers, see this link. Chief among those noted resources is A Journey Into Mohawk and Oneida Country, 1634-1635: The Journal of Harmen Meyndertsz Van Den Bogaert. Subsequent profiles digress from that basic resource.

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