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The story of the Abeel family of early Albany begins with New Netherland pioneers Stoffel Janse and Neeltie Croon who raised a family in Beverwyck and then Albany during the third quarter of the seventeenth century. The family they founded is outlined in the joint will they filed in 1678.

Advantageous marriages of three daughters connected the family to the New York Banckers, Beekmans, and Duykincks. Their son, Johannes Abeel, was named mayor of Albany in 1694.

During the eighteenth century, male members of the Abeel family spread out in all directions while daughters continued to represent the family in Albany as wives of prominent personages. In 1756, only the home of trader Christopher Abale represented the family on the census of Albany households.

In 1790, no Abeel named households were listed on the census in Albany or Watervliet and only three in the entire Empire State.

Variously spelled, the New Netherland/Albany Abeels do not appear to be closely related to the German-ancestry Albany Abel family. David Abeel, a nineteenth century missionary to China who died in Albany in 1846, is a descendant of this early Albany family.

We can dream about owning the Abeel house near Catskill!

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the people of colonial AlbanySources: This sketch of the Abeel family is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Online resources: the standard Abeel and Allied Families is presented online yet imperfectly transformed. See also: Access Genealogy;

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