The World of Abraham Yates, Jr.

Abraham Yates, Jr.The summer of 2000 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of Abraham Yates, Jr. and the New Political Order in Revolutionary New York by a then-young historian named Stefan Bielinski. That defining study of an Albany boy who rose from the working class to lead the crusade for liberties in upstate New York, devote a long career to public service, and then be remembered as one of the major political writers of the post-Revolutionary era was also the inspiration for the establishment of the Colonial Albany Social History Project in 1981.

Because Yates's life was intimately connected with the evolution of an important early American city, the struggle with the British that produced a new state and nation, and the emergence of a major American boom-town during the 1780s and 90s, in many ways his story is Albany's story as well.

This summer, the Colonial Albany Project will present a number of programs that celebrate the life of this important and interesting early Albanian. At present, these programs include:

New web-based resources on the life of Abraham Yates, Jr.

A subscription Trolley Bus Program set in Abraham Yates's Albany

A Yates-based exploration for school children through Time Tunnel.

Special emphasis on Abraham Yates, Jr. within regular CASHP programming.

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first posted: 5/00; last revised 7/01