Will of Dirck Ten Broeck - 1765

In the name of God, Amen. I, Dirck Ten Broeck, of Albany, merchant, being in health. I charge my whole estate with the payment of my just debts and funeral charges.

I leave to my wife Ann all the rest of my estate, real and personal, and whatever I may be entitled to in the law or equity, to her for life and so long as she remains my widow. If she marries, she is to have 200 and all the furniture and household goods which she got in her outset; also a Negro woman and her two children. After her death or marriage, I leave all to my brother, Abraham Ten Broeck and to my sisters, Catharina, wife of John Livingston, Christina, wife of Philip Livingston, Marya, wife of Gerardus Groesbeck, Sara, wife of John H. Ten Eyck, and Margaret, wife of Stephen Richard.

I make my wife and my father in law, Volkert P. Douw, Esq., and my brother, Abraham Ten Broeck executors.

Dated October 30, 1765. Witnesses, Peter Hansen, Stephen Grosebeck, S. Van Rensselaer. Proved, June 8, 1780.



Will dated October 30, 1765. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 33, pp. 198-99. Paragraphing and some punctuation supplied.

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 6/10/06