Will of Anna Maria Van Schaick Van Cortlandt - 1702

Will of ANNA VAN CORTLANDT, widow of Johanes Van Cortlandt, late of New York.

I leave to my only daughter, Gertruy Van Cortlandt, aged about 7 years, my whole estate, and my executors are to make an inventory of the same.

If she dies, then I leave to my loving brother, Levinus Van Schaick, of Amsterdam, £100, and I leave all the rest to him and to my other relations, Geritie Droyer, widow, (???) wife of Dr. Bernardus Freeman, Mary, wife of Robert Livingston, Jr., and daughter of my sister Engeltie Van Schaick, and to the heirs of my sister, Catharine Van Schaick, wife of Matthew Clarkson, both deceased.

I make my sister, Geritie Droyer, and Robert Livingston, Jr., executors.

Dated October 17, "in the 4th year of Queen Anne." [probably means October 17, 1706 - perhaps the date of its filing in Albany]

Witnesses, Johanes Cuyler, Abraham Cuyler, Margaret Schuyler.

Proved in Albany, September 16, 1706.

[NOTE -- Johanes Van Cortlandt was one of the sons of Colonel Stephanus Van Cortlandt. The testatrix was one of the daughters of Anna Van Schayk, whose will may be found in the volume of wills preceding this. --W. S. P.]



Will dated April 27, 1702. Probated June 30, 1702. Printed in Abstracts of Wills volume 25, pp., 348-49. Transformed from an online resource by SB

Her younger sister Margarita married Freeman in 1704.

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first posted: 12/30/09