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New Netherland-era settlers under the variously spelled surname of Bogart/Bogert were prominent in New York City, New Jersey, and throughout the colony of New York. This family is distinct from the Bogardus and Vandenbogaert families of New Netherland and early New York!

The Bogert family of early Albany traces its roots to Cornelis and Dirckje Bogert who came to New Netherland during the 1640s. They settled in Beverwyck and raised a family. Their son, Jacob, married Jannetje Quackenbush and raised a large family in their Albany home.

Jacob's son, Isaac, was a carpenter who led the family into Albany political circles. His son, carpenter turned sloop owner Henry I. Bogert (aka Henry Jr.), became politically prominent after mid-century. His sons, Captain John Bogert, Gerrit, Isaac, and Barent built on their father's successes and elevated the family into the professional ranks as well.

In 1790, three Bogert houses were listed on the first Federal census in the city of Albany. In 1815, five Bogert named households were identified in the city directory as a number of family members held positions of importance in the booming community.

Early American historian William Henry Bogart (1810-88) is said to have been a member of this family. However, we are uncertain of the exact connection!

Bogart Terrace, a current residential street, off of Albany's Second Avenue, honors this essential early Albany family.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: Our expositions on the Bogert/Bogart/Bagert family is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. A number of useful genealogies have been available online but not consistently. That said, foremost among them was compiled by Sebastian Visscher Talcott. The online transformation of PFS is only partially completed. See also John A. Bogart, The Bogart Family: Tunis Gysbert Bogart and his descendants (privately printed in 1959 by Haddon Craftsmen, Inc., Scranton PA). Also, online: traditional favorite American Ancestry, American Family Trees, and a typed "pdf file" compilation which was encountered online in 2018. However, those compilations provide little on Albany incarnations of the family.

More biographical information and extensive guides to resources are available at the New Jersey Historical Society. The bible records of Isaac Henry Bogert are available online!
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