Will of Johannes Hun - 1764

In the name of God, Amen. I, Johannes Hun, of Albany, being weak in body, June 8, 1764.

I leave to my son Thomas "my Large Bible, in right of Primogeniture." I leave to my daughter Elise, wife of Philip Lansing 50 for her outset. I leave to my son Thomas my house and lots where I live, between the houses and lots of Harme Gansevoort and Abm. Bogart provided he permits his sister Else to live in the house and lot I now live on, for five years, and then pay her 100. I leave to my two grandchildren, Annatje Hun and Annatje Lansing, my lot of land at Sacondaga, known by the name of Lot 55, being 250 acres. All the rest of leave to my son Thomas and my daughter Else. And my son is to convey to his sister 1/2 of all the estate that came by his mother.

My son is to have my tankard, and my daughter my large looking glass and silver teapot. I make my son Thomas and my son-in-law, Philip Lansing, executors.



Will dated June 8, 1764. Witnesses, Abraham Douw, Dirck Hun, Abraham Yates, Jr., attorney at Law. Probated April 3, 1776. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 32, pp. 334-335.

Transformed by JP

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