Will of Jan Rosie - 1737

In the name of God Amen, June 14, 1737. I, Jan Rosie, of the city of Albany, being sick.

I leave to Jacob Perse and his wife Janettie, my house and farm with all the appurtenances, lying at Nistigeonie, with all the stock On condition that they pay to my executors 100.

I leave to John Henry Lydius "the quantity of eight feet of ground along the street, that leads to the Voddermart (haymarket), adjoining the south side of the stable of the widow Staats, and so going east into my yard, till it comes in a straight line of the fence of the widow Staats,' of the adjoining lot on the north. And they are to pay to my executors, 16.

I leave to Johanes Van Vranke and his wife Anattie, my now dwelling and lot together with the part of my ground in the south side of the creek where my stables stand, and bounded on the south by the lot of Peter Douw, west by the street, north partly on the eight feet strip of ground left to John Henry Lydius, and partly to the creek, east by my other lots of ground; and they are to pay to my executors 50.

I leave to Gertruy Baroway a lot of ground adjoining to the fence of the lot now in possession of John Basely, and on the front the street opposite Peter Rikmans, and on the west the other two lots from which this is to be deducted as an equal 1/3, and abutting to the creek. My other two lots are to be sold by my executors.

I leave to Jacob Van Nostrom, living at Acquegan hook, 100, and a Negro man and woman. I leave to Jeremiah Van Rensselar my Holland gun.

To Roelof Kidnie 25, to be appropriated by my executors to the city of Albany to get a lease for his lot of ground; also my horse, cart, and "sleas" (sleighs).

I leave to Gertruy Baroway my bed, and six pewter plates. To Anattie, wife of Johannes Van Vrancke, my large Bible, "and my large cittell" (kettle), and she and Jannettie Perse are to divide the households goods between them. I leave to Johanes Perse son of Joacob Perse, my Brown Camlet Coat, and to Roelof Kidnie, my wearing apparel.

I leave to Barent Brat, my bookkeeper, and all my book debts and to Maratie Kidnie 12, 10s and to Altie Milton 12, 10S.

Roger Gerritts and Barent Brat shall have my chest, as it shall be found " at the time of my expiration," and it shall not be any men's business to demand them any account therefor, and they shall have whatever they find in the same," and I make them executors.


Will dated June 14, 1737. Probated November 8, 1737. Witnesses: Willem van Allen, Jacob Rooseboom and Joseph Yates. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 27, pp. 229-30. Paragraphing supplied. Spellings mostly retained!

Transformed by JP

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