Will of Harmanis Ryckman - 1750

RYCKMAN, Harmanis, of Albany City, brewer (see No. 1395).

Bro. Tobias Ryckman, nephew Harme, son of bro. Peter Ryckman, late of Esopus (Kingston) dec'd, children of bro. John Ryckman, of sister Margaret Kip, dec'd, of sister Maria Brat dec'd, sisters Cathrina Bries and Magdalena Brat.

Real and personal property. Executors bro. Tobias Ryckman and kinsman John Ja. Rose. Witnesses Johannis van Sante, esqre., David van Sante, and Johannes Myndersen jun., blacksmith.



Will dated August 29, 1750. Probated October 11, 1756. Printed in Calendar of Wills, #1404.

Transformed by SB

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first posted: 9/15/09