Will of Johannes Vanderheyden - 1771

In the name of God, Amen. I, Johanes Van Der Heyden, Esq., of Albany, being sick and weak.

I order all debts to be paid. I leave to my son John my Large Dutch Bible, in Right Primogeniture; Also the house and lot in which my son-in-law Ogden now dwells. I leave to my daughter Jane My Entire Library, and large Books Plate and the Block I leave to my daughters, Mary and Jane, all the residue of my furniture, and my Pew in the Presbyterian Meeting House. I leave to my daughters, Mary, Rachel, and Jane, the house and lot whereon I now dwell. All the rest of personal property to be sold. The mortgage given to Harme Gansevoort, to be paid.

I make my daughter Jane, and Harme Gansevoort, Volckert Douw, and Gerret Van Sante, executors.

Witnesses, Martin Mynderse, blacksmith, Peter Waldron, bricklayer, John Bay, schoolmaster.

Proved, August 5, 1771, before Stephen DeLancey.


Will dated March 12, 1771. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 32, pp. 59-60.

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 9/10/06