Pieter Waldron


Pieter Waldron was born in July 1720. He was the eldest son of Albany mainstays William and Elizabeth Beekman Waldron. He grew up in a large family in a bricklayer's home in the first ward. In 1768, he was scheduled to inherit a share of his father's estate.

This Pieter Waldron married twice. In December 1743, he wed Neeltie Lansing at the Albany Dutch church. By the time of his wife's death in 1765, the marriage had produced six children. About 1768, he married Anna Ouderkerk. By 1785, ten children had been born in both marriages.

Like his father and grandfather, Pieter Waldron was a mason or bricklayer. In 1749, he had been appointed firemaster for the first ward. Subsequent assessment rolls valued his property modestly. In 1763, his name was included on a list of Albany freeholders.

Although still living in Albany during the war years, except for contributing toward the relief of Ticonderoga in 1775, his name is absent from activity records. In March 1779, the first ward lot of Pieter Waldron was valued on the Albany assessment roll.

We have searched for information on the latter stages and end of his life. Perhaps his personal property was considered for assessment purposes in 1788. In 1799, a "Peter Waldrum" had lots in the first ward and a storehouse in the third ward listed on the Albany assessment roll. This Pieter Waldron would have been seventy-nine years old.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Pieter Waldron is CAP biography number 671. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 11/30/06