Will of John Schuyler - 1742

In the name of God, Amen. I, Colonel John Schuyler, of Albany, being in perfect health. I leave to my son, Philip Schuyler, my grist mill at Saratoga, for his right of primogeniture, reserving to the children of my son, John Schuyler, deceased, the right to grind free of toll; Also my dwelling house in Albany, with the ground, except 5 feet wide on the South side next to the house of my son John.

I also leave to my son Philip, of my undivided 1/7 of my lands in the Patent of Saratoga, which with the farm and saw mill I value at 890. And he is to pay to my daughters, Margaret Schuyler, and Catalentie Cuyler, each 50.

Whereas I released to my son, John Schuyler, deceased; by deed, October 21,1739, a certain tract of 160 acres, or 80 morgen, being the farm then in his possession; And whereas there is a certain parcel of woodland, to the same on the south side, containing 8 or 10 acres, I bequeath the same to his heirs. I leave to my grand daughter Margare, wife of Colonel Philip Schuyler, the large Picture of my most beloved wife and my self, drawn in one piece, and in one frame. I leave to my daughter Catalentie, wife of Cornelius Cuyler, my large Holland case or linen Press. I leave the rest of my household furniture to my children, and to my stepdaughter Sara, wife of Jacob Glen. I leave to my two daughters, 475, and all the rest of my estate to my sons and daughters.

Dated February 29, 1741/2

Will dated February 29, 1742. Witnesses: Jeremiah Schuyler, Pieter Schuyler, and Franciskys Lansyngh. Probated July 25, 1757. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 28, pp. 134-35. Codicil dated February 26, 1747 divided property formerly left to son Phillip, since deceased. Paragraphing supplied!

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