Estate of Hendrick Bogert - 1788

Done at the request of Volkert Oothout and Jannetie, his wife, administrator and administratrix.
    By Henry Oothout, Jr. and John I. Clute, Jr.
        Values in pounds Sterling, shillings, and pence

A house and lott of ground in Market Street.

the 70th part in the Township of Dorsett: [no value given]

A whip and cross cut saw: [no value given]

A parcel of carpenters tools and sundry other articles of house hold furniture and wearing apparel the property of the deceased were divided between the daughters of the said intestate and of which no account hath been kept.

One gun and brace of pistols: no value placed

From the books and memorandums found among the papers of the said deceased, it appears that the following sum affixed to each person’s name were due to the said deceased at the time of his death, excepting what just accounts they have against the same.

John V. Douw (excepting the making of a pleasure sleigh): 47.18.8
Killian Van Rensselaer 3.3.9
Ephriam Bogardus 0.14.7
Nicholas Van Schaack 2.7.0
Marten Beekman 1.19.9
Jonas Oothout 4.2.6
John Beekman 2.18.3
Volkert Ands Douw 44.10.11
Stephanus Van Schaack 2.1.3
John Whitbeeck 15.11.6.
John Hendrick Douw 0.8.9
Henry Quakenboss 15.4.2
Gerrit Van Schaack 19.8.3
Peter Quakenboss 15.4.2
Johannes Pruyn 1.5.6
Jacob Bogardus 0.9.4
Matthew Goess 9.15.1
Marten Mynderse 0.14.0
Barent H. Ten Eyck 1.3.0
Gysbert Merselus 6.4.0
Jacob H. Ten Eyck 1.3.0
Henry I. Bogert 15.15.3
Abraham I. Fonda 3.9.0
Robert Lansingh 0.8.0
Gysbert Fonda 1.6.6
Isaac Bogert 3.5.0
John M. Beeckman 6.7.6
Harme Gansevoort 5.2.0
Peter T. Bogert 1.15.7 ½
Volkert A. Douw 2.0.0
Abraham Douw 5.9.0
Peter Douw 1.8.0
Anthony B. Bardt 2.13.9
Douw Bogert 1.14.0
Benjamin Williams 11.8.0
Benjamin Egberse 6.14.6
Henry Oothout 8.10.6
Andries Douw (except the making of a pleasure sleigh of his timber and my nails) 8.5.9
James Williams 5.1.0
John T. Quakenboss 6.13.6
Barent VanSchoohoven 2.16.0
Cornelius Douw 0.5.4 and $40 in Dec. 1780 paper money
Myndert Roseboom 5.8.0
Cornelius Swits 0.19.0
Abraham T. Bogert 9.9.0
Harme Hun 4.7.0
Jacob Lansingh 0.10.0
Robert Crammel 2.4.3
Cornelius Van Santvoort 20.13.6
Marten Winne 0.16.8
Jacob Van Schaick 0.8.0
Cornelius Ten Broeck 0.5.0
Willliam Winne 0.3.3
Volkert Oothout 12.2.0

Among the books and papers of Cornelius Bogert, decd, father of Henry Bogert, decd., we find the following accounts standing unfettered, viz.:

Andries Witbeeck 27.0.4 ½
Volkert Ands. Douw 8.11.0
Catrina Bries 8.10.7 ½
David Van derheyden 1.1.0
John V. Douw 21.1.0
Peter Quakenboss 3.14.11 ½
Sybrant Van Schaick and Johannis Ouderkerk 59.1.7
Albert Ryckman 9.12.9
Harme Ryckman 1.4.6
Johannes Depeyster 0.8.6
Isaac Freyer 6.4.6
Christopher Abeel 9.12.6
Anthony Koster 0.9.6
Johannes Goese 24.12.6
Maria Van Renesselaer 9.11.6
Gysbert Merselus 44.16.6
Tobyas Ryckman 24.5.9
Volkert Douw 3.6.0
Henderick Douw 12.8.10 ½
Jan Waters 3.14.9
Johannes Beeckman 1.11.6
Jonas Oothout 14.9.3
Killian Van Rensselaer 30.8.2

Total assessed value of this estate:      325.17.7

Date of Inventory: 29 June 1789

Inventory states Henry Bogert was a carpenter

In-progress - many lins remain to be connected


Letters of Administration granted on December 30, 1788. Printed in Abstract of the Wills, pp. 17-19.

Transformed by JP

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