Abraham I. Fonda


Abraham I. Fonda was born in August 1718. He was the eldest surviving son of Isaac and Alida Lansing Fonda. He grew up in the third ward home of a middling merchant along with brothers and sisters who also would become Albany residents. He was referred to as "Abraham I. Fonda" to help prevent confusion with a number of contemporary Abraham Fondas living in the Albany area.

In September 1743, Abraham I. married Maria Van Schoonhoven of Halfmoon at the Albany Dutch church. By 1759, seven children had been christened in Albany.

Abraham I. Fonda was identified as a tailor on a census of Albany householders taken in 1756. In 1740, he had been appointed constable for the third ward. In 1747 and again in 1763, he served as firemaster.

Beginning during the 1760s, his house and property in the third ward were valued moderately. In 1779, his holdings were assessed for the last time. His blacksmith son Jacobus, and son Isaac A. Fonda, a bachelor, lived in Abraham's house during those years.

In his late sixties in 1775, Abraham I. would have been too old for active service. However, the records of the Albany committee reference a large number of entries for simply "Abraham Fonda."

In 1788, his name appeared on the estate ledger of an Albany neighbor. At that time, he would have been about seventy-years-old. After that, his name has not been found in the community-based record. His widow is said to have died in 1801.

We seek information on the passing of Albany resident Abraham I. Fonda.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Abraham I. Fonda is CAP biography number 3777. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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