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The Albany Fonda family traces its roots to one Jellis Douwse Fonda who may have arrived in Beverwyck in 1654. His son, Douwe Jellis, established the family in Albany and the greater Hudson-Mohawk region for generations to come.

In 1697, the households of Jan and Jellis Fonda (spelled "Vonda") were included on the Albany census. Their father, "Douw Vonda," was still living in Rensselaerswyck.

In 1756, five Fonda (Fundy) named households appreared on a list of Albany residences made by the British army. Carpenter Isaac D. Fonda was an Albany mainstay and Revolutionary stalwart for many years.

Young Lyntie Fonda married newcomer entrepreneurer Richard Lush in 1780.

The census of 1790 listed four Fonda households in the city of Albany and another five in Watervliet.

The family of John Fondey, Jr. was painted by Ezra Ames in 1803.

Five Fonda addresses were listed in the first city directory in 1813.

Fonda, Montgomery County and its classic speedway are named for a Mohawk Valley branch of the family.

*Of course, film icon Henry Fonda and his famous offspring begin with the Nebraska branch of this New Netherland family. The Fonda name on the Internet!



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The principal compilation on the family has been printed in the Yearbook of the Dutch Settlers Society of Albany for 1981-84 (pp. 17-20) and for 1984-87 (pp. 28-36). Our unique contribution to Fonda family history relies on community-based resources.

Internet resources: Schenectady Pearson; The very substantial website includes many interesting features; The Fonda Genealogy forum is a must-see for internet users. Sketch of the Fonda cemetery near Route 9. We search for an online version of "The Fonda Family," by Howard A. Mc Conville, printed in The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany Yearbook volume 48 (1981), pp. 17-20 and vol. 49, pp. 28-36.

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*In my younger days, I dreamed about the really foxy actress/activist Jane Fonda showing up at my hovel seeking to learn about herself. I might have done just about anything to help her! These days, I am probably more interested in chatting with her father.

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