Isaac A. Fonda


Isaac A. Fonda was born in May 1752. He was the fourth child (second son) born to the marriage of Albany resident Abraham I. and Maria Van Schoonhoven Fonda. He mostly was known as "Isaac A. Fonda" to avoid confusion with a number of same-named contemporaries and particularly with "Isaac Fonda, Jr,", who was born in 1753. With much relevant information existing on simply "Isaac Fonda," this sketch is restricted to materials on the life of Albany resident "Isaac A. Fonda."

This individual does not appear to have married or to have raised a family.

In 1775, "Isaac A." was named constable for the third ward.

In August 1778, he was among those who purchased a lot on the "street leading to Schenectady" from the city Corporation.

In March 1779, his personal property was valued substantially under the third ward home of his father.

Coming of age before the start of the war, we expected to find information on his activities during the struggle. Same-named contemporaries complicate that ambition.

In August 1778, "Mr. Isaac A. Fonda" was appointed (and later reimbursed) to oversee the transfer of Tories from Kinderhook to Dutchess County.

In March 1780, an "Isaac A. Fonda" was appointed second lieutenant of the Albany regiment. In June, he was listed as "deceased" and was replaced.

Perhaps, that source helps close out his story. With outstanding questions on the life of this Isaac A. Fonda and with other "Isaac A." Fondas living in the region during the general time period, we move on for now!

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