The Great Consistory - 1805 and 1815

By the removal of Mr. Bassett in 1804, the church was left without a pastor. At this juncture, a meeting of the great consistory was called for the purpose of deliberating upon the concerns of the church, and to decide upon the call of a pastor. This body was composed of the acting board, and the surviving members of all former boards of consistory, and met on the 27th of May, 1805. The following members attended:

John Veeder
John N. Bleecker
John B. Bradt
John H. Wendell
John D. P. Douw

Henry Truax
Douw Fonda
Gerrit Quackenbush
Killian J. Winne
Sol'n Van Rensselaer
Harmanus P. Schuyler
Anthony Van Santvoort
Jacob Ten Eyck (This was the last survivor of this consistory. 1862, aged 91)
Leonard Gansevoort
Gerrit Groesbeeck
Henry Quackenbush
Henry Staats
Isaac Truax
John Gates
Gerrit A. Lansing
Peter Lansing
Joachim Staats
James Bleecker
Elbert Willett
John J. Bleecker
Cor's Van Schelluyne
Philip P. Schuyler
Cornelis Van Vechten
William Staats
Abraham Schuyler
John P. Quackenboss
K. K. Van Rensselaer
Jacob Bleecker
Teunis Ts. Van Vechten
Harmanus A. Wendell
Henry Van Woert
Casparus Pruyn
Gerardus Lansing
Jacob J. Lansing
Cornelius Groesbeeck
Richard Lush
Sanders Lansing
Isaac Bogert
Jacob Van Loon
Volkert S. Veeder
Peter E. Elmendorf
Abraham Ten Eyck.


In early May 1815, the following notice appeared in an Albany newspaper. It was included in a section entitled "Notes from the Newspapers" - a feature of a number of volumes of Munsell's Annals of Albany:

Division of the Dutch Church There were two edifices belonging to the Reformed Protestant Dutch congregation, which still remained united in one society, holding property in common, and usually designated as the North Dutch Church and the South Dutch Church. They were under the pastoral charge of the Rev. John M. Bradford and John De Witt. At this time there was some difference of feeling existing among the people, which led to a separation of interests, and a division of property. By an arrangement the North Church retained the ancient title, with Dr. Bradford as pastor, and the South Church assumed the title of the Second Reformed Protestant Dutch Church and retained Dr. De Witt.

The Great Consistory (which consisted of the existing members and surviving ex-members with the date for those who were deceased) was composed of the following persons at this time :


Isaac Bogart, Sept. 27, 1818
Harm's A. Wendell, July 16, 1819
Elbert Willett, Feb. 1, 1828
William Staats, May; 1825
Simeon De Witt, Dec. 3, 1834
Jacob Van Loon
Henry I. Bogart, Jan 1821
John H. Wendell, July 10. 1832
Sanders Lansing, Sept. 19, 1850
Henry R. Lansing, Aug. 10, 1819
Casparus Pruyn [ probably not 3518 ]
Ab'm Ten Eyck, Oct.. 1824


Christian Miller, Dec. 1844
Jas. La Grange, Feb 16. 1827
David Pruyn. Jan. 1843
John I. Ostrander
Jacob I. Lansing, June 4, 1830
Peter W. Hilton


Printed in AA, I, 84. Copied from an online printing.

Printed as "Notes from the Newspapers" in volume 6 of the Annals of Albany, pp. 106-07. The "Notes" feature was explained further in Annals, volume 10, p. 381: "This closes the Notes from the Newspapers, and brings the events of the city down to the time when the Annals were, begun in 1847. See vol. 1, p. 159, and 341, and each succeeding volume, in which the events of the year are published to the close of 1858, forming a continuous chronicle of nearly ninety years, since the first newspaper was printed here."

General information on the Consistory online.

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