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Spelled and referred to variously, the Ketelhuyn family of early Albany traces its roots to from Jochem Ketelhuyn who is said to have emigrated to America in 1642. A native of Germany, he had been recruited for New Netherland, settled on Rensselaerswyck, and later established a home in Beverwyck. He is said to have died in Albany in 1682.

He married Anna Willems. His widow and three sons were identified as householders on the Albany census in 1697. One son, Daniel, became an early settler of Schaghticoke. His brother, one-time Albany resident David Ketelhuyn, was killed by raiders on Daniel's farm in 1711. After 1713, Jochem's third son, Willem Ketelhuyn, moved from Albany to Saratoga and died there in 1746.

With the death of Jochem's children, the Ketelhuyn name passed from Albany rolls but continued to be encountered in the outer reaches of Albany County - particularly at Schaghticoke!



the people of colonial Albany Sources: Our story of the Albany Ketelhuyn family is derived chiefly from community-based resources. But see, Arthur J. Weise, The . . . Ketelhuyn Chronicles, 1451-1899 (Troy, 1899), especially pp. 523-57; and "The Ketel Family" by Sumner Ely Wetmore Kittelle (1946). See also, the umbrella Wikitree entry.

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Additional undocumented notes: Joachim Ketelhuyn left Mechlenburg during the Thirty Years War and drifted to Amsterdam, Holland where he boarded ship "De Houttyn" for New Amsterdam on 6 Jun.1642. landed at Fort Orange (Albany) 11 Aug.1642. Deborah Ketelhuyn, Maria Bratt's son, Johannes were captured by French Indians taken Quebec. husband, Barentse Bratt, David Johanna three of children all killed this massacre 20 Oct. 1711, their homestead. Daniel went Quebec ransomed back his wife, sister nephew.


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