Will of Barent Sanders - 1739

"In the name of God, Amen. November 1, 1739. I Barent Sanders, of Albany, merchant, being of perfect sound mind.

I leave to my son Robert 100, in full [satisfaction] of any pretence or claim of Primogeniture.

I leave to my sons Robert and John my now dwelling house and lot in Albany, in Pearl Street, in the Second Ward, between the house and lots of Mynddert Van Yveren and Gerrit Marcelis, also my house and lot in Schenectady, bounded on the south by Sander Glen, on the north by the land of Harman Wendell, also my pasture ground east of Schenectady, bounded south by Reinier's path, east by William Hall, north by Abraham Lansingh, and west by Abraham Mebie, also my acre of low land lying in Juffrow's land, near Schenectady, also my lot in Albany lying west of the house and lot of Evert Wendell, also my lands lying at Poughkeepsie, where my brother, Thomas Sanders, now lives.

My son John shall appraise my house and lot in Albany and my house and lot in Schenectady, and my son Richard is to have his choice at appraised value. Whereas my son Robert brought of William Bowen 1/2 of the track of land lying on Schoharie river or creek, called Batavia, for the sum of 108, and paid for it with money, and had it conveyed by said Bowen to himself, he shall convey 1/2 of it to my son John.

All the rest of my estate, real and personal, I leave to my sons Barent and John, and I make them executors.


Will dated November 1, 1739. Witnesses, Johanes Roseboom, Jr., Gulian Ver Planck, Ephraim Wendell. Proved, April 13, 1758. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 29, p. 228. Paragraphing and some punctuation supplied.

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first posted: 02/05/02