Guleyn Verplanck


Guleyn Verplanck was born in June 1693. He was the son of Isaac and Abigail Utenbogart Verplanck. He was a middle child in the large family of a newcomer shoemaker who settled in Albany during the 1670s. He was known as "Guleyn" although his same-named son was called "William."

Perhaps he was the "Galyn Splank" identified as a member of an Albany militia company in 1715.

In September 1721, he was included in a company of young men (mostly from Albany) who were instructed to establish a trading post on Lake Erie near Niagara. The traders returned to Albany the following September.

Perhaps he also was the merchant "Gulian Verplank" who was made a freeman of New York City in August 1723.

In December 1724, thirty-one-year-old Guleyn married the younger Albany native Ariaantie Vanderpoel at the Albany Dutch church. By 1739, six children had been christened in Albany where he was a regular baptism sponsor.

In 1726 and 1736, he was appointed firemaster for the second ward. Beginning in 1729, he was elected assistant alderman for the second ward.

In October 1727, he was paid for carrying stones to Oswego. On a number of occasions during the 1730s and 40s, he was contracted to supply and repair the Albany fort and fortifications. During those years, he witnessed the signing of a number of wills.

In March 1736, he was a party to an action by the Albany corporation regarding the debt of his supposedly widowed sister.

In 1742, his name was included on a list of second ward freeholders. In December, he petitioned the council for land along Foxes Creek.

Guleyn Verplanck was buried in July 1749. His widow was still alive and living with their sons in 1767.

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