North Market Street
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This engraving of house lots facing a block of North Market Street showing properties as they would have been during the summer of 1790 is like a number of other renderings that illustrate pages of Joel Munsell's Collections. The illustration above has been adapted and was copied from volume II, page 377.

The legend below the map states: "Done the 13th day of August 1790 at the request of Stewart Dean, Jacob Roseboom, Abm. Bloodgood, John Van Allen and Robert McLellen, by Henry I. Bogart, the city surveyor.

The first Federal census of 1790 and an assessment roll for 1788 help us lock in the residents of this block in the heart of the old city!

Additional iconographic resources help us further visualize the look of the eighteenth century city.


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first posted: 6/20/05; updated 5/18/11