Will of John Bradstreet - 1774

"This is the last will and testament of John Bradstreet, Major General in his Majesty's Army, as follows." I appoint Col. Philip Schuyler to take all my books and papers and to settle and transmit my public accounts to Charles Gould, Esq., of London. And I discharge the said Col. Schuyler from all demands and debts, except £1000, "which shall be paid to Elizabeth Bradstreet, daughter to my wife." I leave to John Bradstreet Schuyler, son of said Col. Schuyler, the farm of which I have a lease in fee, and is now possessed by Tonycliff; also my army books and apparell.

I leave all my horses and carriages to Mrs. Schuyler, wife of said Col. Schuyler, "and I give to his daughter, Margaret Schuyler, all the money due to me from Parson Johnson, of Corrys Bush." All the rest of my estate, real and personal, I leave to my two daughters, but they are to pay to their mother £100 sterling yearly. I empower my executors to make partition of my landed estate, and to sell for the benefit of my daughters. I leave Doctor Bruce £100, for his trouble and kindness to me. My watch I give to Mr. Gould, as a mark of my friendship. "I leave Funeral expenses to the Discretion of my executors." I appoint for executors, Col. Philip Schuyler and William Smith, Esq., "who penned this will according to my dictate."



Will dated September 23, 1774. Witnesses, Adam Gilchrist, tailor, William J. Allman, Francis Grant, "both apprentices to Doctor William Bruce, Surgeon, aged 19 and 20." Proved in New York, September 30, 1774. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 32, pp. 200-01. Transformed by TB

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