New Website Features - 2000

Listed below are the linked additions and changes to the People of Colonial Albany Live Here website that were added during the year 2000. Previously, (since its launch late in 1999) the site contained about two hundred individual files. More than 150 new features were added from January to December in 2000. Included is the date each web page was activated or substantially revised. Click on the highlighted text to take you to the new feature.

New illustrated information page on Fort Orange (12/20/00)
New illustrated essay on the Map of Albany - 1765 (12/20/00)
New biography of Elsie Staats Wendell Schuyler (12/20/00)
New information page on The King's Highway (12/20/00)
New biography of Postmaster John Monier (12/20/00)
Linked listing of Mayors of Albany (12/20/00)
New biography of Mayor Pieter Van Brugh (12/20/00)
New program page on Captain Samuel Schuyler: South End Pioneer (12/04/00)
New program initiative: Biographies of Eighteenth-Century New Yorkers (12/04/00)
New place description page on Schuyler Flats (12/04/00)
New biography of Johannes Wendell (12/04/00)
New biography of Johannes Schuyler (12/04/00)
New biography of Henry Holland, Jr. (12/04/00)
New biography of Dirck Wesselse Ten Broeck (12/4/00)

New biography of Christina Van Buren Ten Broeck (10/25/00)
New biography of David Pieterse Schuyler (10/25/00)
New, linked information map on Black househholders in 1815 (10/25/00)
New, linked transcription of the househholders list of 1679 (10/19/00)
New biography of Thomas Delavall (10/19/00)
New biography of Ariantie Vanderheyden (10/19/00)
New biography of Richard Pretty (10/19/00)
New biography of Peter Wraxall (10/19/00)
New entry page biography of Sir William Johnson in his Albany context (10/03/00)
New biography of Hitchen Holland (10/03/00)
New biography of Henry Holland (10/03/00)
Revised and illustrated page on the Albany Congress of 1754 (10/3/00)

New biography of Captain Samuel Schuyler (9/28/00)
Revised and linked list of Colonial Albany Project Publications (9/28/00)
Revised and linked page on Rapp Road (9/28/00)
New information page on the Albany Tricentennial (9/28/00)
New, illustrated information page on Court Street (9/28/00)
New biography of Margarita Schuyler Livingston (9/28/00)
New biography of Anna Cuyler Van Schaick (9/19/00)
New biography of Mayor Edward Holland (9/19/00)
New bibliography page on Printed Sources (9/19/00)
Revised and linked theme page on "The People of Colonial Albany" (9/7/00)
New biographical profile of Jenny Seeley Holland (9/7/00)

New manuscript essay entitled "Picturing the Past" (8/25/00)
Illustrated biography of Simeon De Witt (8/25/00)
Revised page on the De Witt Maps (8/25/00)
New biography of Robert Livingston, Jr., "the Nephew" (8/25/00)
Revised and illustrated biography of Balthazar Lydius (8/25/00)
New biography of Mayor Rutger Janse Bleecker (8/3/00)
New biography of Catharina Schuyler Abeel Bleecker (8/1/00)
New landmark page on the Elm Tree Corner (8/1/00)

New biography of William B. Winne (7/28/00)
Revised biography of Mayor Johannes Abeel (7/28/00)
Improved and linked theme essay entitled People on the Street (7/28/00)
New page on Albany Streets (7/28/00)
New page on the Albany Market House (7/28/00)
New page of Albany population totals with census links (7/28/00)
New page on the CASHP Family Reconstitution program (7/28/00)
New page on the CASHP Graphics Archive. (7/28/00)
First part of new social history of St. Peters Church. (7/17/00)
New biographical sketch of Reverend John Miller. (7/17/00)
New page on the De Garmo family. (7/17/00)
New biography of Pierre De Garmo alias "Villeroy." (7/17/00)
New biography of Catharina Vanderheyden De Garmo. (7/17/00)
New page on the political subdivisions called Wards. (7/17/00)
Revised biography of Dinnah Jackson. (7/6/00)
New biography of Reverend Thomas Ellison. (7/6/00)
New biography of John Collins. (7/6/00)
New biography of Edward Collins. (7/6/00)
New biography of Margarita Schuyler Collins. (7/6/00)
New biography of Margarita Bleecker Collins. (7/6/00)
Revised and linked explanation of Project research plans. (7/6/00)
Revised and linked index page of early Albany family names. (7/6/00)

New biography of Robert Livingston. (6/8/00)
New biography of Isabella Phyfe. (6/8/00)
New biography of Reverend Thomas Barclay. (6/8/00)
New history of the first Schuyler House. (6/2/00)
New page on the Sons of Liberty constitution. (6/2/00)

New biography of Robert Yates. (5/25/00)
New page on the Yates family. (5/25/00)
New biography of Margarita Van Slichtenhorst Schuyler. (5/25/00)
New biography of Philip Pieterse, patriarch of the Schuyler family. (5/8/00)

Revised and illustrated gallery-level theme essay entitled "City Fathers". (4/26/00)
Illustrated essay on the Map of Albany - 1676. (4/26/00)
Biography of Mayor Pieter Schuyler. (4/26/00)
New biography of Sara Gansevoort and related article. (4/26/00)
Staff biography of Joyce Patterson. (4/26/00)
Illustrated program description for "Meet the People of Colonial Albany". (4/18/00)
New Thomas Kitchin map of New York - 1755. (4/18/00)
New Guy Johnson map of the Indian Country - 1771. (4/18/00)
New descriptive page on the Albany Corporation. (4/18/00)
Internet version of article on Interns at the CASHP. (4/18/00)
New Census of 1697 with links to heads of households. (4/4/00)
New biography of Abraham Yates, Jr. with links to programming features. (4/4/00)
New biography of John Stevenson. (4/4/00)
New biography of John Lansing, Jr. (4/4/00)
Internet version of published article on Abraham Yates, Jr. (4/4/00)
Revised Last Days of Colonial Albany theme essay. (4/4/00)
Revised biographical profile of Stefan Bielinski. (4/4/00)
Updated public programs page. (4/4/00)

New page on Albany's municipal boundaries. (3/24/00)
Revised link to past programs. (3/24/00)
Revised page of Internet links entitled "Connecting with the Past." (3/24/00)
New biographies of Dirck B. Van Schoonhoven, and Maria Van Schoonhoven. (3/24/00)
New biography of Robert Lansing. (3/24/00)
Internet version of published article "I Know It's Only Rock 'n' Roll". (3/17/00)
New biography of Margaret Livingston Vetch. (3/17/00)
Description of the Census of 1714
Linked transcription of the Census of 1790. (3/16/00)
Revised essay on the Dongan Charter. (3/16/00)
Internet version of published article "Building Blocks of the Past" (3/16/00)
New essay on Schaghticoke (3/6/00)
New page on the Van Schoonhoven family with links to family members. (3/6/00)
Revised page on the New Netherland Dutch (3/2/00)
New interactive page on New Netherland families (3/2/00)

New biography of Sheriff Simeon Young and an interactiive list of sheriffs (2/24/00)
Internet version of Legislative Gazette article on Stefan Bielinski (2/24/00)
Internet version of newspaper article on "The Promised Land" program (2/24/00)
Revised Afro-Albanians theme essay with link to new programs (2/24/00)
New information page on Arbor Hill (2/24/00)
Revised biographies of John Henry Lydius and Genevieve Masse Lydius (2/18/00)
New page on The Promised Land program including links to related features (2/18/00)
New biographies of Jan Lansing and Mayor Evert Bancker (2/18/00)
New page on the Van Schoonhoven family with links (2/18/00)
New page on "Working People in Early Albany" public program (2/18/00)
Revised Welcome to the Website page (2/18/00)

New page on the Lansing family (1/24/00)
Revised biography of Isabella Rachels Lydius (1/24/00)
Revised biography of Dominie Johannes Lydius (1/11/00)
Internet version of article "Albany, New York: Capital and Crossroads" (1/11/00)
New page on Albany Churches and on the Dutch Reformed Church (1/4/00)
Revised Lydius family page and linked family list (1/3/00)

New Features - 2001

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