Simeon Young
Stefan Bielinski

Simeon/Simon Young was appointed sheriff of Albany County on June 19, 1696 and served until October 1698. He was the third sheriff appointed under the Albany city charter of 1686.

Previously, he had been a lieutenant in one of the garrison companies and was quartered in the Albany house of merchant, Anthony Lispenard. Although considered one of the more able young officers, this European-born veteran of the "Irish War" was sued for child support by Ariantie Vanderheyden in 1695. The following year, he acknowledged paternity and sought custody of the child. With another women, he fathered a daughter in 1696.

Although he "took" the census in 1697, his name was omitted from that list of Albany householders. His name does not appear on other community-based survey documents.

Waiting for discharge, instead he was recommissioned as a lieutenant in the company of Captain James Weems. He seems to have left the area before 1700.


The life of Simeon Young is CAP biography number 6901. His background and fate remained to be uncovered.

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