Maria Cornelis
Stefan Bielinski

Maria Cornelis was the wife of Geurt Hendrickse and the matriarch of the Albany Van Schoonhoven family.

Like her husband, she probably was born in Europe. However, it appears that all of her children were born in America. She lived with Geurt Hendrickse in Albany and in his other up-river residences. She was a member of the Albany Dutch Church where she witnessed the baptism of a granddaughter as late as 1704.

She was called "my well beloved wife Marite Cornelius" in her husband's will dated 1700 and was made executor of his estate. Her six surviving children were named in that document as well.

She received all of Geurt Hendrickse's property at Halfmoon and his lot in Albany upon his death in 1702. Maria Cornelis Van Schoonhoven may have died after 1710.

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first posted: 2000; last revised 8/5/03