Ariantie Vanderheyden
Stefan Bielinski

Ariantie Vanderheyden was born about 1674 the daughter of Albany tailor/fur trader Jacob Tysse and Anna Hals Vanderheyden. She grew up in her father's Market Street home and subsequently joined the Albany Dutch Reformed Church.

In October 1695, her daughter Rebecca was baptized in the Albany church. No father's name appeared on the baptism record. However, two months later, Ariantie's sister, Cornelia, appeared before the Albany corporation petitioning for support of the child from Lieutenant Simeon Young - who Ariantie claimed was the father. Months later, Young acknowledged his paternity and stated that the child would "never want [for] bread" if it was sent to live with him. To that, Ariantie replied "she will never give her child to Simon Young."

No further record of Ariantie Vanderheyden has been found!


The life of Ariantie/Ariaantje Vanderheyden is CAP biography number 5674. Our perspective on her life admittedly is mostly structured by the birth of her daughter.

Ariantie Vanderheyuden's reply dated October 14, 1696 as quoted in the City Records.

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