Jenny Seeley Holland
Stefan Bielinski

Jenny Seeley was born in Ireland in 1676. She was the daughter of John Seeley of Bandon. He first husband probably was named Edwards. Their daughter, Jane, later married William Hollie of Albany.

In 1699 this young widow married a middle-aged English soldier named Henry Holland. The name given on her marriage license was "Jane Edwards." Shortly thereafter, she accompanied Holland to America where he began service as an officer in the garrison at Albany.

The Hollands lived first in rented rooms; then in a house accorded Henry while he was sheriff. Finally, they settled into a comfortable home in Albany's first ward. The couple had at least five American-born children with Hitchen, Edward, and Henry Jr. becoming prominent personages in colonial New York.

Henry Holland became ill about 1732 and was cared for by his wife. Following his death in 1736, sixty-year-old Jenny became more dependant on her son Edward and moved with his family to New York City a few years later. Their landmark Albany home later was sold to Sir William Johnson.

Jenny Seeley Holland lived eighty years. She died in New York City on September 12, 1756 and was buried in Trinity Churchyard.


The life of Jenny/Jane Sealey/Seely/Schly/Celey is CAP biography number 945. We seek more information about her Irish roots and her life in the two decades following the death of her husband.

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