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Will of Gerrit Van Zandt, Jr. - 1806

Gerrit Van Zandt of the City of Albany, tolerable state of health.

Wife Hester, estate furniture, plate, linen, & upon her death, to daughter Rachel - $500 annually in quarterly payments.

Grandson, Gerrit Van Schaick Bleecker - when he is 21, lot in the first ward, south of Wolf Street, adjoining John Radley.

Daughter Rachel, wife of James Bleecker, lot and buildings to be erected on west side of Washington Street adjoining J. Fredenryck, first ward lot recently purchasd from James Orbon. Upon her death to grandson Gerrit VS Bleecker. $300 annually, and land ____ Montgomery County.

Executors, Barent Bleecker, Abraham Van Vechten, Charles Platt, John J. Van Zandt, Sanders Lansing, all rents and profits on real estate in trust for grandchildren.

Grand children pay education [?]

Executors to take money from estate to enclose three sides of storehouse on State Street, 4th ward, use brick, 9" thick, tin roof.

Build brick house 2 stories high, 24' wide, on Washington Street, 24' deep, thick walls, near J. Fredendryck's lot for daughter Rachel.

Granddaughter Cathaline, grandson GVS Bleecker, $1,250 at 21 or marriage

Granddaughter Sarah Platt, wife of Charles, to pay Hester (wife) $500 yearly.

Grandson, GVSBleecker, house, farm Albany County "niscadhaw," [probably Onesquethaw], store and lot on Court Street, 4rh ward, occupied by John Fondy, Jr. and with the passage or gangway from Mark La. to lot between the brick store house now occupied by Fran. Mc Cabe in Mark La., Lot of Wessel Van Schaick to Sarah Platt, lot cor. Mark La. and Court Street to daughter Rachel.

Granddaughter Sarah Platt, store and storehouse corner Mark La. - Court St.

Granddaughter Cath Bleecker, lot first ward, east side Washington Street, house and lot occupied by Anth. Lamb, lot west Cherry St., House and Store house in State Street, 4th ward, occupied by Henry Guest, Jr., House and lot occupied by Anth. Lamb, near H-back st.

To Dutch Reformed Church deacons, $300 for poor in 4 equal payments within 4 yrs. after death.

Nephews John J. Van Zandt, son of Johannes, 1/6 real and personal estate, nephews, William and Jacobus, 1/6 real estate.

Sons [of] brother Joseph, 1/6 to Thomas, John, Annatie Van Zandt, brother Williams ch. 1/6, 2/6 to broth Gysbert VS & wife Rebecca

Codicil: 6-13/06, $200 to DRC for poor - not $300

$200 to Sarah Groesbeck, widow of David.



Will calendared in Index to Wills, alphebetical.

Notes made from document at Albany County Surrogate Court by Tricia Barbagallo. The notes are presented here at this time to inform Internet biographies of the testator and his heirs.

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