Barent Bleecker


Barent Bleecker was born in June 1760. He was a younger son (the fourth named "Barent") of John R. and Elizabeth Staats Bleecker. He grew up in a large family on Pearl Street in the home of a former sheriff, surveyor, regional landholder, and patriot leader.

He came of age during the era of the American Revolution. At this point, we seek information on his wartime activities. However, afterward, he was accorded a land bounty right for service in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment.

In December 1787, Barent married Sara Lansing at the Albany Dutch church. What seems to have been their only child was born in 1793. Like most of his kin, Barent was a member and supporter of the Albany church.

After starting married life in the home of his widowed mother-in-law, he soon became a prominent businessman and community leader who made his home on North Market Street. He also owned a store on the riverfront, stables, storehouses, houses, and lots in a number of locations around the city.

In September 1787, he was named co-executor of the estate of his older brother. In March 1792, he was identified as one of the heirs to the extensive estate of his father.

At the same time, he owned extensive real estate in upstate New York. The town of Bleecker in Fulton County, which grew from a tract he purchased in 1793, is named for him. He also was a land agent for a number of owners.

He was an advocate and supporter of the building of canals in upstate New York. In this initiative, he was an associate of General Philip Schuyler and was treasurer of the "Western Inland Lock Navigation Company."

In 1805, he was treasurer of the "Albany & Schenectady Turnpike Company."

Census records show that he was an active slave owner - with six slaves living in his house in 1810. In 1801, he sold his negro "Store" to his uncle.

Barent Bleecker died in June 1840. He had lived eighty years. In September, letters of administration were issued on his estate.

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Barent Bleecker also owned land in Saratoga, Schoharie, and Warren counties - probably not the extent of his holdings.

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