John Van Zandt
Stefan Bielinski

Johannes Van Zandt was born in 1767. He was the son of Jacobus and Maria Brooks Van Zandt. He grew up in his father's house on Union Street near the Hudson Street Park. As time passed, he was known as "John" Van Zandt.

He started out as a clerk in James Caldwell's Albany store. He then served a financial apprenticeship in New York City. During the 1790s, he was sent by Caldwell to run a store in Bennington, Vermont. In 1804, joined the Bank of Albany and was named cashier of the bank in 1814. He held that position in the office at 23 State Street until 1838. He was a notary, watch captain, assessor, and alderman for his home Fourth Ward over a long time span!

While in Bennington, he met and married Mehetabel Jones of Williamstown, Massachusetts. Living at 47 Hudson Street, their marriage lasted until her death about 1841.

John Van Zandt died in April 1858 at age ninety-one. His long life is recalled in an obituary printed in an Albany newspaper. His will passed probate in 1859.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Johannes Van Zandt is CAP biography number 286. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. the newspaper obituary reveals that he was an accomplished storyteller as his tales of the Revolution were widely recalled! His Hudson Street houselot is shown on the Oake Map of 1800.

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first posted: 8/30/02