Will of John Barclay - 1779

In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN BARCLAY, Mayor of the City of Albany, being weak in body. I leave to my beloved wife Margaret, all real and personal estate which she possessed before marriage; Also, my gold sleeve buttons, two gold rings, silver tankard, silver mustard pot, two silver salt sellers, one silver tea canister, and the use of the residue of my whole estate, while my widow.

Unto Charlotte, wife of David McCarthy, the household furniture I had by my first wife; only to be possessed after the death or remarriage of my wife Margaret.

Upon the contingencies, unto Charlotte, Peter, and Jonas, children of John Jonas Bronck, lately deceased, 100 each. Unto Charlotte, wife of Conradt Ten Eyck, and Peter Ten Eyck, son of Andries Ten Eyck, each 100. At the death or remarriage of my wife, unto the children of my brother, Andrew Barclay, lately deceased, one half of the remainder of all my estate; the other half to the children of my late brother, Henry Barclay, deceased. Whereas my brother Andrew was in my debt by bond for 500 with interest, said principal and interest to be deducted from his children's portion.

Each of my slaves and servants, to wit: Ishmael, Sam, Frank, Catrene, and Sair, to have liberty to choose their own masters and mistresses when sold any time after the death or remarriage of my wife, or, if my executors choose, any time before.

I make my beloved wife Margaret, Peter Gansevoort, and John M. Beekman, executors.

Dated January 30, 1779. Witnesses, Henry R. Lansing, gunsmith; Robert Wendell, Mat: Visscher.


Will dated January 20, 1779. Probated June 20, 1783. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 33, p. 159.

Co executor Peter Gansevoort: Probably Dr. Peter Gansevoort and not the much younger General Peter Gansevoort.

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first posted: 8/20/07