Will of James Banks - 1732

In the name of God, Amen. I, JAMES BANKS, of Albany, Gent., being sick in body. I leave to Mary Price, widow of Mr. John Price, late of Albany, Gent., 20. I leave to my son-in-law, James Garrett, alias Banks, of Newark, New Jersey, 20 shillings, in bar of all claims he may have to my estate, by virtue of any former will by me made.

I leave to my executors all my house and lot, being 1.5 acres, in Elizabethtown, New Jersey, and all my house and lot in Newark, being 3 acres, and all my house and lot situate near the Fort in Schenectady, in Albany County, and now in the possession of the widow Saxburg, and my negro girl, and my horse, clock, watch, sword, fuzee, arms and pistols, my pictures, wearing apparell, and household stuff; and all these are to be sold by them.

And my executors are to collect 115 in money, and 50 value of plate now in the hands of John Hauseu, [probably Hansen] Esq., and 45, 2s, in the hands of James Stevenson, besides what he received of my pay being due ; and 55 in the hands of ____ Symes, widow of late Major Symes ; and 4 years' arrearages due to me from the Crown, which I have impowered Nicholas Bayard to receive. All these my executors are to collect and put at interest for the benefit of my nephew, John Banks, son of my brother Abraham Banks, of Youchell, in Ireland, to whom I give all the rest of my estate. In case of his death, it is to go to my nephew, Edward Banks, son of my brother, William Banks.

I leave to the Church in Albany, 20, to be laid out either for the purchase of a piece of plate, or towards purchasing a bell.

I appoint my friends, John Hansen, Esq., and Rutgers Bleeker, Esq., Gentlemen, executors, and I leave to each of them 5, or a gold ring of 18 shillings value in remembrance of me.

Dated, March 13, 1732. Witnesses, John Allwood, Hugh Otway, Walter Jones.

Proved, August 5, 1733.


Will dated March 13, 1732. Probated August 5, 1733. Transformed from the printed Abstracts of of Wills, as presented online.

Church: Probably refers to St. Peter's Anglican church and not the Albany Dutch church.

Transformed by SB

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first posted: 5/10/08