The Estate of Marte Gerritse Van Bergen - 1696

Inventory of the estate left by Marte Gerritse van Bergen, deceased in the county of Albany this 6th day of May 1696, according to the provision of his last will and testament that after his death an inventory should be taken of his real estate, to wit, of lands, houses, barns, ricks, cattle and all other animals and farming utensils. This 3d of June 1696, in Albany.

First the land lying at Catskill, a part of which is in the possession of Gerrit Teunissen and Jonas Volkertse, according to the patent, eight horses, to wit, six mares, one gelding and one stallion; eight cows; a half worn wagon and a plow, eight traces, four lines, four whiffletrees, four stirrups, two bits, an iron neckyoke, a fan, an iron chain, all of which are on the aforesaid farm occupied by G. Teunis and Jonas Volkertse.

Second, the land lying at Corlaers kill, in partnership with the heirs of the late Mr. Corn. Van Dyck comprehended in Coxhhachy patent.

Third, all the land at Coxhachy in partnership with Jan Bronk comprehended in the same patent of Coxhachy. An old dilapidated house and barn in the possession of Helmer Janse, with cow.

Fourth, a sawmill lying on a kill called Marte Gerritse’s kill, included in the aforesaid patent of Coxchacy.

The land on the Bevers Kill, according to the patent thereof.

The house and lot lying in this city of Albany, according to the patent or ground brief thereof.

The farm lying at the south end of Castells Island, at present in the possession of Needle van Bergen, the widow of the late Marte Gerritse van Bergen, on which were found six cows, also four cows bequeathed to Claes Siverse, as appears by the last will and testament of the deceased; six hogs ˝ year old, six geese, twelve hens, a brew kettle, a half-worn plow with appurtenances and traces, a cart and harrow with iron teeth, six horses, viz., three mares and three geldings; six sheep, three Flemish scythes with snaths and grain hooks; a house, a barn and two ricks, a journal box and iron support; a half-worn fan, a wooden sled, two axes, four forks, a dung fork and sled, an auger, a hammer, a brace, two iron wedges, a Negro named Samson, a Negro named Marya with four children, to wit, three boys named Jan Tap, Will and Harma and a girl named Sara.

The above inventory was made by the guardians Capt. Gerrit Teunise and Claes Siverse in the presence of us, the undersigned, in Albany, the 3d of June 1696.


Printed in Early Records of Albany volume 4, p. 134.

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 3/30/03