Will of John Dunbar - 1736

In the name of God, Amen. April 13, 1736. I John Dunbar, of Schenectady, vintner, being sick. I leave to my two daughters, Mary and Catharine, my lot of ground where I now dwell, in Schenectady, near his Majesty’s Garrison; bounded north by the street that leads to said Garrison, west by the street that leads to the Dutch Church, south by the house and lot in possession of Benjamin Van Cleek, and east by the house in possession of Joseph Yates, Jr.

My child Alexander is to be maintained by them till he is of age, and apprenticed to some trade. I leave to my son John, a lot in Schenectady, on the south side of the street that leads to the brew house of Barent and John Vroman, bounded north by the street, west by Philip Livingston, and Geritt Van Brakell, south by the heirs of Old John Vroman and Barent Romain, and east by Adam Einpre and the street that leads towards Barent Vroman’s house, As by deed to me Geritt Van Brakell, dated February, 18, 1732; Also a lot bounded east by the street that leads from the house of Barent Vroman to the house of John Leendertse, north by the lot above described, west by heirs of John Vroman, and south by Barent Vroman.

I leave to my daughter Willempse, my house and lot bounded north by the street that leads to the brew house of Barent and John Vroman; the lot being 60 feet wide, Amsterdam measure.

I leave to my son Alexander, a lot bounded west by the lot above, north by the street, south by Arent Damulse and Simon Vroman, east by Geritt Van Brakell; being 20 feet wide.

I leave to my daughter Mary, a silver cup and snuffbox; and to my daughter Catharine, a large silver pint mug; and to my daughter Willemspe, a large silver tankard, “and a bed, and £5 to buy curtains for it on her wedding day.”

All my land in the Mohawk Country, which I hold in company with Mr. Stephans Grossbeck, and now in tenure of Benjamin Lemoyne, is to be sold.

I make Peter Wessells, of Albany, and John Waters, vintner, of same place, executors.


Will dated April 13, 1736 Probated, July 19, 1736. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 27, pp. 205-6. Spellings basically retained. Paragraphing supplied. Curiously, no mention was made of his son Robert who was christened at the Albany Dutch church in 1709 and continued to father children until 1744.

Transformed by JP. Also reproduced online.

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