Will of Stephanus Groesbeck - 1743

In the name of God, Amen. I, Stephanus Groesbeek, of Albany, merchant, August 29, 1743. I leave to my eldest son John, 15 in full of his right of primogeniture. I leave to my wife 60 a year, and she is to have the use of all my houses and silver plate and household goods and two negroes.

I leave to my son John all my farm "at a place called Tinker Hooghten in Schenectady," on the north side of the Mohawk river at the value of 600, to be paid to my children Catharine, Elizabeth, and Gerardus. I leave to my son Gerardus all that my lot of ground in Albany in Parel street in the second ward, where I now dwell, between the house and lot of Warner van Jueren, and the house and lot of Janettie Ten Eyck, and the lot of Abraham Cuyler, with the house and tenements;

Also all my share and right in a certain tract of land or island, lying at or near a place called Otiquage on the south side of the Mohawk river, granted by Patent unto Rutger Bleecker, Nicholas Bleecker and others, being my 1/5 part. This and the house and lot at Albany is to be valued at 750, and is to be accounted as part of my estate, so that my other children, John, Catharine, and Elizabeth, shall have each an equal part of my estate. I leave to my daughter Catharine, wife of Peter Schuyler, all that my land lying near Fort Hunter at Tionondorago in the Mohawk country, now in the occupation of Frans Cruger, for her life, and then to her son Stephen Schuyler, at the value of 450. And Stephen Schuyler shall pay to his brothers and sisters each an equal part of the same, reserving one part to himself.

I leave to my daughter Elizabeth, wife of Stephen van Rensselaer, my two houses and lots in Jonker street in the First ward in Albany, near the English church, during her life and then to her son Stephen, at the value of 160; and he is to pay his brothers and sisters each an equal part. I leave to my children, John, Catharine, Elizabeth, and Gerardus, all that my lot of ground in the manor of Rensselaerwyck near Steenbergh, on the west side of the highway, to be equally divided; the south part to my son John, the next to my daughter Catharine, the next to my daughter Elizabeth, and the north part to my son Gerardus. I leave to my children, John, Elizabeth, and Gerardus, each 1/4 part of all my lands situate in the County of Albany at a place called Maroomskack, near Hoosick. The other 1/4 I leave to the children of my daughter Catharine, viz., Peter, Elizabeth, Stephen, and Philip Schuyler. I leave to my son John an Indian boy "Jeff," and a negro wench for his daughter Elizabeth. To my daughters Catharine and Elizabeth each 2 negroes, to my son Gerardus, 3 negroes. The above mentioned sums of money are to be equally divided between my children, also the sums which are charged to them on my book.

I leave my house and lot in Schenectady and all the rest of my estate to all my children, and I make my wife Elizabeth and all my children executors.

Witnesses, Rutger Bleeker, Johanes Rutse Bleeker, Abraham Cuyler, Jr. Proved in Albany, before Myndert Schuyler, Esq., September 13, 1744.



Will dated August 29, 1743. Proved September 13, 1744. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 28, pp. 33-34.

Transformed from an online printing by JP

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