Will of Jacob Visscher - 1762

In the name of God, Amen. I, Jacob Visher, of Albany, being of sound mind. All debts to be paid. I leave to Gertrude Swits, daughter of Major Isaac Swits, the house and lot where I now live, “and she is to keep and maintain my Negro wench, ‘Deijaen,’ with food and clothing, and allow her to store her clothing in the [g]arret during her life, and to live in the back kitchen and sleep in the cellar.”

I leave to Gerritt Van Vrankie, carpenter, of Albany, £100. Of all the rest of the real and personal estate I leave 1/3 to the heirs of my sister (then deceased), Hester Swits, viz., Isaac, Susanah, wife of Cornelius Van Ness, and Anna, wife of Hendrick Beekman; 1/6 to the children and Egbert; 1/6 to Polly, wife of Jacob J. Lansing, and 1/3 to Gertrude, wife of Martin Beekman. My Negro man and woman are to be free, and my executors are to give security that they shall not be a burden upon any town, according to Act passed October 29, 1730.

I make Isaac Swits, Jacob J. Lansing, and John Beekman executors, and I give to each of them £50 for their trouble. Dated November 10, 1762.



Will dated November 10, 1762. Probated October 24, 1763. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 30, p. 275. Some punctuation and paragraphing supplied.

Transformed by JP

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