Will of Benjamin Van Vechten - 1748

In the name of God, Amen, April 15, 1748. I, Benjamin Van Vechten, of Albany, merchant Taylor, being sick. I leave to my son Anthony the £50 left to me by my father in his will, which is to be paid by my brother Tunis some years after the death of my mother. And whereas my mother, Grietie Van Vechten, hath made over to me an obligation for £200, dated July 31, 1739, and payable May 1, 1740, under the hand and seal of my father, Harmen Van Vechten, deceased, I leave ½ of the same to my son Anthony, and also all my houses and real estate. If she dies under age, then as follows: To Alida Fonda, daughter of my late sister Annettie, wife of Hendrick Fonda, £50 when of age or married. To my brother Tunis £50. To my wife Anetie £50. I leave ½ of the said bond to my brother Harmen. I leave to my wife all the rest of my movables. To my brother Tunis my wearing apparel.

I make my wife, and my friend, Gerritt G. Lansingh, cooper executors.

Witnesses, Anthony Bret, Ahus Roseboom, Johanes Vanderheyden.

Proved, July 6, 1757.

Confirmed by Governor De Lancey, July 18, 1757, and Anettie De Wandalaer, wife of Peter De Wandalaer, “lately widow of Benjamin Van Vechten,” confirmed as executor.


Will dated April 15, 1748. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 29, pp. 178-79.

Father: We are aware of the potential conflict in the names of his father within this document. But based on the names of his siblings, we approach believing this Benjamin Van Vechten was the son of Dirck C. and not Harmanus Van Vechten.

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 8/10/06