Will of Johannes J. Beekman - 1756

In the name of God, Amen. I, Johanes Beekman, of Albany, merchant, being sick. I leave to my eldest son John, “in preference to my other children, my silver watch, it being for his birth right.” I leave to my three eldest children, John, Catrina, and Eva, £1,035, for so much I received out of the estate of their grand father, Abraham Cuyler. I leave to my sons John and Jacob all my wearing apparell. To my two daughters Catrina and Eva all the wearing apparel of my late wife, Sara Beekman. I leave to my wife Deborah the use of and the rent of all my estate during her widowhood for the maintenance of her and her child. After the death of my wife, I leave to my sons John and Jacob all my undivided shares of land in the Patent of Kayaderoseras, alias Queensbury, and the houses and lots where I now live, Also my house and lot which I have brought of the heirs of Johanes Vinhagen, and they are to pay to my daughters Catrina and Eva £150.

I leave to all the rest of my 4 children.

I make my wife Deborah, and my brother, Henry Beekman, and my brother in law, Nicholas Cuyler, and Jacob Van Schaick, executors. May 20, 1756.


Will dated May 20, 1756. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 29, pp. 343-44.

Transformed by JP

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