"Not" Albany
Stefan Bielinski

Since its inception in 1981, the Colonial Albany Social History Project has prided itself on its focus!

The project intends to make substantial and original contributions to the history of the people of colonial Albany by concentrating on its defined study population - namely on the lives of those 16,000 men, women, and children within the setting that became and is the city of Albany.

In other words, look for us to begin to illuminate and perhaps even suggest answers to questions relating to every person, place, and thing germane to the early Albany story. The city of Albany that is! We cannot begin to take responsibility for the historic "Albanys" beyond our defined perameters.

That said, out of necessity (we believe), we have posted a number of features on places and things and people even that relate to our mission but are technically beyond the scope of our research. First, we claim no original contribution and/or insight on any of these topics. They appears on this website to help explicate our early Albany story. Beyond that, we hold no original resources that relate to those things we define as "Not Albany."

A number of biographical, geographical, and descriptive features appear on the pages of this website that fall into the "not Albany" category. Perhaps - something on every web page. These are intended to help explain the actual subjects but have not been accorded much priority in their development. That said, some are quite substantial and will continue to evolve to better support our mission to shed light on the people of colonial Albany and their world.

thoughts in progress


This particular explanatory page was prompted by our need to begin work on a page focused on the "new city" of Lansingburgh during the autumn of 2009. That initiative has raised a number of useful issues for us - making the effort there well worthwhile. What appears above is just a thought - for now!

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