Will of Tobias Ryckman - 1765

Tobias Ryckman, Albany, New York, to my daughter, Magethea Roseboom, the house and lot where I now live, together with the house and lot of ground to the northwestward of the said house;

to my daughter, Lena Ten Eyck, the dwelling house and lot fronting the City Hall wherein James Cobham now lives; and the brew house and lot and all the utensils and all things belonging to the said house; the malt house and grounds and all things belonging to the same; Also my lot of ground in the third ward of Albany and buildings and tenements thereon erected;

my daughter Magethea to live in the house with her sister Lena until two years and line drawn from the easterly corner of my dwelling house back to the extent of my ground, which is to serve as a division line between my two daughters and their heirs;

all the remainder of my estate to be equally divided between them, their heirs; in case either die before a division is made, the share of the one so dying to go to her issue, to be equally divided between them.

I appoint my son-in-law, Barent H. Ten Eyck, and Magathea Roseboom, my daughter executors.


Will dated April 24, 1765. Probated March 22, 1786. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 38, pp. 44-45.

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 9/20/05