Will of - Gerrit Johanes Marseles 1766

In the name of God, Amen. I, GERRIT JOHANES MARSELES, of Albany, being of sound mind.

My executors are to sell all my personal estate except my clothing, and my estate at Schenectady, if necessary.

I leave to my mother [not named] the house I live in, during her life. I leave to my brothers, Gesbert and Henry, all the remainder of my estate. My son Henry is to have the refusal of the house I now live in, at a reasonable price, " and they are to pay to my three sisters, Eva, Barbarie, and Maria, as much as they in their conscience think right." " But Maria must have 30 for her extraordinary trouble, more than the rest." I make my said two brothers executors.

Dated February 5, 1766. "Witnesses, Marten Myndersen, blacksmith, Cornelius Beekman, Abr. Yates, Jr.

Proved, May 28, 1766, before John De Peyster, Surrogate


Will printed in Abstract of Wills, vol.31, pp.11-12.

Transformed from an online source by SB

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first posted: 9/15/07