Land Bounty Rights*
First Regiment

Capt. John Scott
Lieut. William Tillman

Abbet, John James
Abel, Andrew
Abell, Christopher
Arnold, Isaac

Bancker, Gerard
Barer, John
Barrington, Lewis
Beakman, Jacob
Beasley, Henry
Beddel, John L.
Beekman, John
Beekman, John M.
Beekman, Gerardus
Bell, Stephen
Bleecker, Barent
Bleecker, Henry
Bleecker, Jacob
Bleecker, Jacob Jr.
Bleecker, John
Bleecker, John J.
Bleecker, John N.
Bleecker, John R.
Bleecker, Nicholas
Blekley, George
Bloemendel, Jacob
Bloemendaliur, Maes (probably Maas Jr.)
Bloodgood, Abraham
Bloodgood, James
Bloomindal, Albartes
Bogart, Henry I.
Bogart, Isaac Jr.
Bogart, John
Bogeart, Christopher
Bogart, Barent
Bogart, Nicholas
Bogart, Peter [poss. PJB]
Bouwt, Conrad
Bradt, Henry
Bradt, Teunis
Bradt, Anthone B.
Bradt, Anthony E.
Breus, Corne
Brice, Alexander
Brooks, Peter
Bross, John
Brown, William T.
Burgess, John
Cahell, Cornelius
Camplee, Alexander
Carr, William
Chambers, Jere
Chapin, Sen
Chesnut, Alexander
Cluet, John Jr.
Cook, Henry
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, Obadiah
Crannell, Nicholas
Crannell, William Winslow
Cumpston, Edward
Cuyler, Abraham
Cuyler, Jacob
Cuyler, Jacob Jr.
Cuyler, Philip

Daniels, Peter
Dannals, Jacob
Dauson, Barent
David, John
David, Peter
De Blance, John
Deforeest, Isaac
De Foreest, Jesse
De Foreest, Phillip
Deforeest, Wouter
Degarmo, John
Dempy, Luke
De Peyster, Gerard
Dewitt, William
Diamond, Thomas S.
Dinton, Hugh
Douglass, Wheeler
Douw, Andrew
Douw, Volkert A.
Dox, Peter
Dunbar, Levinus
Dunbar, William

Easterly Thomas
Eights, Abraham
Elliott, James
Enas, Godfrey
Ertzberger, Daniel
Evertsen, Bernardus
Evertson, Henry

Faugit, Lailac
Feabor, Joseph
Finn, Henry
Fisher, John
Folknet, William
Follet, Charles
Folsom, John
Fonda, David
Fonda, Gysbort
Fonda, Isaac D.
Fonda, James
Fonday, Isaac Jr.
Fontfreyde, John
Friedenreich, Johan Christian
Fryer, Isaac T.
Fryer, John

Gaerraunoo, Perter
Gansevoort, Leonard Jr.
Gansevoort, Peter
Gansevoort, Peter
Gansvort, Conrad
Gates, John
Gibson, Colin
Gibson, David A.
Gilliland, William
Glen, Cornelius
Goewy, John
Gordon, Charles
Grant, John
Graverat, Hanry
Groesbeeck, Cornelius
Groesbeeck, David
Groesbeeck, John D.
Groewbeeck, William
Groesbeek, Peter W.

Hall, Joseph
Halmbake, Barnard
Hann, Thomas
Hansen, Albert
Hansen, John S.
Harbeck, John
Hart, Henry
Hebijsen, Martin
Henry, Robert
Henry, Robert, Jr.
Hensen, Daniel
Hewey, Garret
Hewson, Casparus
Hewson, Daniel [ probably Jr. ]
Hilten, Jacob W.
Hilten, Robert
Hilten, Derrick [ Richard? ]
Hines, George
Hochstrasser, Jacob
Hogstrasser, Paul
Hollinbake, Anthony
Hood, James
Hooghkirk, John
Huges, James
Hun, Harmen
Hun, Thomas
Hun, Thomas D.
Hunn, Dinik
Hyer, Garret

Johnson, Solomon
Johnston, Jeremiah
Joyce, George

Kidney, Jacob
Kinnear, Robert
Klyn, Nicholas
Kugler, Mathew

Laenseng, Jacb
Lagrange, Arie
Lansing, Abraham G.
Lansing, Christopher
Lansing, Gerardus
Lansing, Gerrit G.
Lansing, Jacob Joar.
Lansing, John Jr.
Lansing, John A.
Lansing, John S.
Lansing, Thomas
Lansingh, Isaac G.
Lansingh, Jacob G.
Lansingh, Jacob J.
Lansingh, Jeremiah
Leonard, David
Lewis, Henry
Lincoln, Hosea
Lottridge, Thomas
Low, John
Lush, Stephen

McClallen, Robert
McDougall, Patrick
McFarlan, R.
McGorghey, John
McHench, William
McIntosh, William
McLaughlin, William
McNeely, Archibald
McPhie, John
Mann, Jacob
Marseilus, Andrew
Marsel, Garret
Marselis, Gerrit G.
Mellen, Henry
Merchant, George
Merg, Danial
Merselis, Henry
Miller, Barent
Miller, Phillip
Minders, Abraham
Moore, Henry
Moore, Joshua
Lewis, Mor
Morrell, Samuel
Mundebein, Johan
Mynderes, Fredrick

Nellinger, Josep
Nemire, John
Newman, Charles
Norris, John

Oley, Christopher
Orchard, Edward
Oudekirk, Johannes
Oudekirk, John

Page, Dudley
Pendleton, Solomon
Peterson, John
Poten, Matthew
Prime, John F.
Pruyn, Casparus
Pruyn, Jacob J.
Pruyn, John F. (John J. in index)
Pruyn, Samuel

Quackenbos, Peter
Quackenboss, Henry
Quackenboss, John P.
Quackenboss, Walter
Quackenboss, Adrean
Quackenboss, Nicholas

Ray, Richard
Ray, Robert
Reisler, John Peter
Roch, Peter
Roorback, J.
Roosevelt, Nicholas
Roseboom, Abraham
Roseboom, Bart
Roseboom, Dirck
Roseboom, Hendrick
Roseboom, Mynd

Scharp, Conrad
Schuyler, Reuben
Sever, Jonathan
Sharp, Peter
Shaw, Neal
Shearman, Job
Shepherd, John
Sickles, Zachariah
Slingerland, Teunis
Smith, David
Sole, William
Spoor, John
Staats, Barent
Staats, Gerrit
Staats, William
Stewart, Arch
Stringer, Samuel
Swits, Cornelius

Tayler, John
Tearse, Peter B.
Ten Broeck, Abraham
Ten Broeck, Cornelius
Ten Broeck, John
Ten Eyck, Barent
Ten Eyck, Henry
Ten Eyck, Jacob C.
Toman, Henry
Towance, Jacob
Trotter, John
Trotter, Matthew
Troup, Rob
Truax, Henry
Truax, Isaac
Truax, Jacob J.
Tunnicliff, John

Van Alen, Barent
Van Anglen, John
Van Arnum, John
Van Benthuysen, Henry V.
Van Benthuysen, Baltus
Van Bergen, Martin G.
Van Bergen, Peter
Van Dausen, Peter
Van Den Bergh, Cornelis
Van Den Bergh, Cornelius
Van DenBergh, Fryhndereick
Vandenbergh, Gerret
Van DenBergh, Gerrit Jr.
Vander Heyden, Jacob
Van Derzee, Walter
Van Deusen, aaron
Van Deusen, Arent
Van Deusen, Jacob
Van Deusen, Peter
Van Garde, Mendoyah
Van Gen, Johannis
Van Hilten, Peter
Van Loon, Jacob
Van Ness, John
Van Rensselaer, P.
Van Rensselaer, Philip
Van Sant, John
Van Santes, Jacobus
Van Santvoordt, Cornelius Jr.
Van Santvord, John G.
Van Schaack, Nicholas
Van Schaick, Anthony [ poss 3939 ]
Van Schaick, Gerrit
Van Schaick, Gerrit E.
Van Schaick, Gosie
Van Schaick, G. W.
Van Schellnyne, Cornelius
Van Schoonhoven, Direck B.
Van Seelick, Johan
Van Slyck, Teunis
Van Toeren, Rynier
Van Vechten, Ephraim
Van Vechten, Teunis T.
Van Vechten, Henry
Van Vranken, Maus R.
Van Wie, Casparus
Van Woordt, Jacob
Veeder, Abraham
Vernor, James
Verplanck, Abraham
Verplanck, Isaac
Verplanck, William
Visger, Ryn
Visscher, Bastian
Visscher, Gerrit T.
Visscher, J. N.
Visscher, John
Visscher, Matthew
Visscher, Nanning H.
Vosburgh, Gerrit
Vosburry, Abraham

Walderon, Cornelius
Waldron, Henry
Wallace, Benjamin
Wartheim, Beth
Waters, John
Watson, George
Wayne, Anthony
Webb, Buckridge
Wellsh, Joseph
Wendell, Abraham H.
Wendell, Cornelius
Wendell, Harmanus
Wendell, J. H.
Wendell, Jacob H.
Wendell, Jb. A.
Wendell, John A.
Wendell, John I.
Wendell, Robert H. F.
Will, Henry
Willett, Edward
Williamson, John
Willett, Edward S.
Willson, Benjamin (poss 6290)
Willson, William
Wilson, Alexander
Winne, Frans, Jr.
Winne, Levinus, Jr.
Winne, William
Wood, James
Wust, Michael

Yates, Abraham Jr.
Yates, Christopher A.
Yates, Henry
Yates, Peter W.
Yates, Robert
Yoralimor, Nicholas
Young, Jo.

Zabrisky, John J.


List of 385 names of mostly Albany city men printed in New York in the Revolution as Colony and State (Albany, 1901), volume I, pp. 221-22. The following is taken from an introductory explanation beginning on page 12: "In the same year [1781], a bounty of "Land Rights" - (a "Right" being 500 acres) was offered to officers and men for two regiments then to be raised, for the defense of the State. . . ." Bounty rights later were extended to include the militia.
        In his preface to the printed volume, State Comptroller James A. Roberts pointed out that "It is true that lists of names of New York's Revolutionary soldiers have been heretofore published, but these were derived almost entirely from other than original sources, the state treasurer's books of account being the chief source, and their accuracy, for this reason, has been a matter of grave doubt, and therefore the results could not be accepted in historical works. All the names published in this volume are derived from that highest of sources, the original muster and pay-rolls, and thus the services of the individual and the aggregate are conclusively shown. Several thousands of the names, particularly of those belonging to the regiments of the " Line," were obtained from rolls on file in the War Department at Washington."
        We cannot say enough about the massive transcription/transformation initiative that has been placed online under the functional rubric of "The Three Rivers Website." For more than a decade, the wonderful folks behind it have brought "tons" of oftentimes obscured historical materials into the light. All students of the American Revolution, the Mohawk Valley, and many other things historical would do well to acquaint themselves with this resource. Thank you Three Rivers!

The linked list of land bounty right eligible members of the militia regiment from the city of Albany is printed above and is described further in a chapter on soldiers in The Other Revolutionaries.

Transformed from an online transcription

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