Rutger Janse Bleecker - 1756

"In the name of God, Amen, January 16 1756. I, Rutger Bleecker, of Albany, "considering the frailty of my Body." I leave to my eldest son, Johanes R. Bleecker, 3, and also the Pictures of me and my wife, for his right of Primogeniture. I leave to my sons Johanes and Jacobus my wearing apparell. I leave to my two grand sons, Rutger, son of Johanes, and Rutger, son of Jacobus, each 15 worth of silver plate.

I leave to my children, Johanes, Marytie, widow of Edward Collins, and Jacobus, all my personal estate, my son Johanes to retain first the sum of 125 in consideration of what my two other children have had at the time of their marriage.

I leave to my two sons all my real estate of houses and lands, whether given to me by the will of my brother, Nicholas Bleecker, or otherwise, and they are to pay to my daughter Marytie 270.

I make my sons and my brother, Hendrick Bleecker, executors.

On further consideration, I give to my son Johanes my bedstead, bed, pillows, blankets, and curtains in my chamber."


Will dated January 16, 1756. Probated September 27, 1756. Witnesses Isaac Ver Planck, David Groesbeck, Jr., William Ver Planck. Proved in Albany, before John De Peyster. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 29, p. 164-5. Paragraphing and some punctuation supplied!

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