Will of Lawrence Van Allen - 1712

In the name of God, Amen, the 4 March, 1712. I, Lawrence Van Alen, of Kinderhook, in the County of Albany. I leave to my eldest son John Van Alen, 30 for his right [of] primogeniture, I leave to my son Luycas, 30, [in] consideration of the services he hath done this several years past; I will that my sons Luycas and Jacobus shall receive the sum of 18 yearly for their services during the time that they remain bachelors.

After all debts are paid all the rest of my estate, to wit, the remainder of that certain tract of land lately bought of Jan Hendricks De Bruyn, and that parcel of land in company with the heirs of Geritt Lansing, situate at Wappense (Woppingers) hill, near Poughkeepsinck, and the house and lot in Albany between the house of Christopher Yeates on the south, and Johanes Luycas on the north, and all my negroes, and other goods, shall be divided among nine children, Johanes, Evert, Peter, Stephen, Luycas, Jacobus, Catharine, wife of Melgert Melgerts Van Der Poel; Janettie, wife of Leendet Phillipe Cozine; and Christine, wife of Johanes Van Duesen.

Witnesses, Robert Livingston, Jr., David Schuyler.


Will dated March 4, 1712. Probated October 27, 1714. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 26, pp. 141-42. Paragraphing supplied.

At this point, we are unsure whether this person is the recently deceased Gerrit Lansing or his father.

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first posted: 4/30/06