Alida Hooghkerk Wendell


Alida Hooghkerk was born in March 1742. She was the daughter of Albany mainstays Lucas and Rebecca Fonda Hooghkerk. Her mother died in 1750 leaving her as the sole surviving daughter. Her father (a prominent stoneman) lived a while longer but does not appear to have remarried.

Perhaps family obligations accounted for her being thirty when, in December 1772, Alida married the younger Albany native known as John J. Wendell. By 1781, the marriage had produced at least four children who were christened at the Albany Dutch church.

These Wendells appear to have begun to raise their family in a Hooghkerk house on the South Side of Albany

However, their marriage was not long lasting as John J. Wendell is said to have been buried in April 1786. The Albany assessment roll for 1788, placed a modest assessment on the house and property of one "Widow Wendell" located in the third ward. However, at least two additional "widow Wendells were at-risk in the city of Albany.

The census of 1790, configured the first ward household of Alida Wendell with a boy and five unspecified females. A decade later, the first ward census listed the household of "John J. Wendell" in roughly the same location but with only an older woman (probably widow Alida) living with a younger couple (probably another John J. and wife) and three young children.

The first city directory in 1813, listed the boarding house of "widow Wendell" at 22 Maiden Lane. One of three "widow Wendells" listed on that page, another entry noted the "widow of John" at 3 Union Street.

Alida Hooghkerk Wendell died in February of 1813. She had lived seventy-two years. A monument for the couple later was erected in Albany Rural Cemetery.

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