John J. Wendell


John J. Wendell was born in June 1751. He was the son of Albany residents John J. and Sara Bergen Wendell. To help prevent confusion with a number of same-named kin, he mostly was known as "John J. [or I.] Wendell." We have developed this sketch mostly incorporating sources that reference him in that way. We are aware that a disturbing number of contemporaries were known by that name and strive to not compress/conflate/confuse them in these presentations.

In December 1772, he appears to have married an older Alida Hooghkerk at the Albany Dutch church. By 1781, at least four children had been christened in Albany.

In March 1779, "his" personal property only was valued probably in association with a Hoogkerk house in the first ward. On an assessment roll drawn in October of that year, he was assessed a similar tax again in close proximity to the Hooghkerks.

In his twenties during the conflict, we seek to flesh out his wartime activities. We feel that the following bits represent only the tip of his service iceberg. In May 1775, Albany Committee accounts showed that John J. Wendell was among those residents of the first ward who subscribed a few shillings for the relief of Ticonderoga. In November 1776, John J. Wendell was reimbursed by the Albany Committee for carrying letters to the "different Colonels of this County." In March 1779, a letter from Morgan Lewis to George Washington identified John J. Wendell as the bearer of the letter and as the "overseer and clerk of public stables at Albany." Thus, he served under Lewis's command. Following the end of the war, name of John J. Wendell appeared on a list of Albany city militia members who qualified for a land bounty right.

John J. Wendell died in April 1786. He had lived but thirty-five years. Just a few years later in 1790, Alida was identified as the head of a first ward household. Their family monument now stands in Albany Rural Cemetery.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of this John J. Wendell is CAP biography number 2977. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted 1/20/17